Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knowingness VS Knowledge

Salam Guys. In my lecture, I always emphasize on the importance of knowledge.Some people think that they have a lot of knowledge because they “know”. As for me, I believe that the more we know we know, the more we know we know we know we do not know.

People who “know” can tell us all the things that can’t be done and why. People who “know” don’t need to learn because they already have the answers. More often than not, people who “know” are also people who “no

I would like to add by saying that knowingness is not the same as knowledge. It is due to the fact that knowingness is sealed and nothing can get in. Knowingness sees challenge as a threat.

On the other hand, knowledge is open. Knowledge sees challenges as opportunities. In addition knowledge is a road to a new horizon.

Hehe, people say that knowledge is power. I agree with that statement. And as for me I would like to add to that statement by saying that “The Ability To Use Knowledge Is the Absolute Power”.

Oki doki guys, our mind is just like a cup. Unless it is emptied, there is no room for new learning. The more we know we know, the more we know we know we know we do not know.


sarah abadan said...

i love to be in ur class...very motivated...thanx sir :)

Affendi Hashim said...

Vogue Sarah

shakina talkah said...

salam sir...i agree with abah always remind me about that...:)

Letchumi Prabha said...

well said sir

faziera farahin said...

absolutely true sir. I hope I will be more knowledgeable..